Sunday Community: A Prayer for the New Year

create in me 
a clean heart,  o lord
 and renew a right spirit
 within me
(Psalm 51:10)

Worshiping with Deidra Riggs and The Sunday Community.
Come join us. 


  1. Yes! A beautiful prayer for the New Year!!

  2. Hello Cassandra,
    Our prayer is that this new year!
    good Sunday!

    Espirito Santo- Brasil

  3. YES! I truly desire for a clean heart. Thank you. Love the photo!

  4. Happy New Year, Cassandra!

    So nice to meet you! Have just popped in to a few of your recent posts to acquaint myself with your lovely blog and yourself, and already feel full of joyful spirit and wonderful inspiration. Your word for the year, 'recapture', is timely for me, too, and I intend to live its meaning in my aspirations for 2014. I have been guided by one of my favourite words, 'simplify', for a few years now and it has led me to a lightness of being and appreciation for my surroundings. And even though I don't like to limit myself to one single word, since for me, this is not representative of our nature, I will certainly look upon these chosen ones as examples.

    Have a lovely week!


  5. YES!! I am praying for a softened heart and strength to get through my grief and become a strong fierce woman again!
    Thankyou for this today! I needed it!


  6. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a word. I love knowing I'll be praying in community with you all.

    Blessings on you and yours for this new year.

    ~ Cassandra


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