Dear Diary: Touching Base

Hope you all had a great January. I wanted to touch base as it seems I dropped off of the face of the earth three weeks ago. As many as you know, I’ve moved back to my hometown with my parents just before Christmas.  Just let me say, it’s been a rough month. Mom gave us a scare and ended up in the hospital. She was seriously dehydrated and delirious and had to be taken by ambulance after she had a seizure.  Come to find out, she had a urinary tract infection which is something that wrecks havoc with dementia patients.  (Who knew?)  We brought her home last Tuesday. 

Although the dementia is increasing as the Alzheimer’s progresses, Mom’s doing well. It seems I’ve become the ‘Mom Whisperer' and can get through to her fairly easily - for now.  It’s amazing what will connect through the dementia and popcorn is one of them.  In the hospital in trying to tempt her to eat she asked for popcorn out of the blue and devoured a bowl full. Carrying that through we’ve been having popcorn breaks in the afternoons while watching the Food Channel.  Although the conversations are disjointed on her end, it’s been good. Mom was a spectacular cook so talking food and baking cheers her.  I’ll talk more about the conflicting emotions of being back in my mother’s kitchen later on

On to February, my birthday month. I’ll be fifty-eight this year. Fifty. Eight.  Two years away from sixty. Wow. More about that later.

I appreciate all of your good wishes and prayers. They make a difference knowing that someone is praying for you when you are too tired or stressed to pray yourself.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. You guys are the best!

God Bless. Have a great weekend!


  1. Dear Cassandra,

    I wish you strength and serenity in being your sweet mother's caretaker and confidante at this most challenging time in your lives. I enjoyed reading about your routine, and I sincerely hope that your mom is doing better. Just having her baby girl (even though roles have been reversed with time), I'm sure, is uplifting and healing in itself.

    Wow! A birthday this month, huh? Well, my new friend, I will be 50 next month, and I cannot believe where the time has gone. I know people say that all the time, but it's definitely true as one reaches a milestone birthday. Please let us know when the big day is, as I would like to stop by and wish you the very best.

    Thinking of you and sending positive prayers your way.

    Have a lovely week!


    1. I always appreciate your sweet encouragement, Poppy. Thank you so much for taking the time and coming by. Mom is having a good day today. The doctor has adjusted her meds and she much more alert than she was which makes it a lot easier to interact with her. She's eating more and drinking more water so she's unlikely to become dehydrated again anytime soon. Praise God for that! She really gave us a scare.

      My birthday is on the 17th which is this next Monday coming up. I actually feel pretty good about it. I loved turning 50 years old. I felt like I was a real full fledged adult. :) You'll love it. It'll be the best time of your life.

      Thanks my dear friend for your prayers. I need them. Have a blessed week.

      ~ Cassandra


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