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Enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon yesterday with my dear friend Lisa. I had called her mid-morning for a quick bit of information and she said, "Let's have lunch!" So we did.

Lisa  and I at Buca Di Beppo
Lisa and I met about five years ago when we were working at main office of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Dallas (BBBS) and became good friends.  I would sometimes work closer to home in one of the satellite offices near downtown (mostly used for interviewing BBBS candidates and for training) and Lisa was also in that office on Fridays. We started going out to lunch on these Fridays along with whoever else was in the office at the time. I once jokingly referred to us as "The Ladies Who Lunch" and the name stuck.

Ladies Who Lunch is a phrase often used to describe well-off, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons, usually during the working week. Typically, the women involved are married and non-working. Normally the lunch is in a high-class restaurant, but could also take place in a department store during a shopping trip. The phrase "ladies who lunch" was introduced in the January 19, 1970 issue of New York magazine by the writer Merle Rubine. After originally introduced, it was sometimes used a disparaging term for bored society women who were judged to having too much money and too much time on their hands which they used to get into everybody else's personal business. That aint us.  We have to work for a living and if by some miracle we have a bit extra money we've generally used it up on lunch. :)

Although most of us have moved on from BBBS, we still get together from time to time for lunch and to hang out.  Sometimes it's planned in advance so more of us in the area can attend but sometimes, like yesterday, it is a spur-of -the moment instance. Lisa and I met up halfway between our homes at the Town East Mall in Mesquite (how convenient!) and roamed the mall a bit afterwards before I had to take off for a staff meeting at church.  It was a simple, fun and pleasant way to spend a few good hours with a friend. I had such a good time that I started a Facebook Group page called "The Ladies Who Lunch Society" with it's simple purpose being encouraging positive friendships and fellowship among women. This picture of me and Lisa will be the first post. 

 Visit the Facebook Page of "The Ladies Who Lunch Society".

You're probably already a member of 'The Ladies Who Lunch Society'. Tell us about who you've been having lunch with lately. Also tell us about your favorite places to meet. We're always looking for a few new places to have lunch.


  1. New subscriber from Friendship Friday at Create With Joy.

    Your inclusion of the word "Renaissance" in your blog post title caught my eye. I love a lot of things from that period of history.

    My family and I lived in Fort Worth for about 8 years before we moved to Kentucky. We enjoyed the big city amenities there, but are also comfortable in our in-the-boonies home where the loudest sound at night are the crickets and tree frogs. :O)

    1. Hi LuAnn! Welcome!

      I have a love of that period as well as well as a love of the word 'Renaissance' itself. All of those 're' words wrapped up in at like 'revival' 'renewal' 'rebirth' - I love the sense of beginning anew that the word 'Renaissance' contains.

      I live near downtown Dallas in a historical neighborhood near the Fair Park in my grandmother's house. I love the house but I envy you your quiet nights. Although it is quiet at night, the days - especially the State Fair Days coming up - can be a bit much at times during the weekdays.I would love to be able to pick up this house and move it to the boonies but I think the state historical commission would frown on that. :)

      I hope you are enjoying Create With Joy. It's one of my favorite places online. Please feel free to come back anytime and thanks for visiting.

      God Bless!

      ~ Cassandra


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