She's doing it again...

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Yep, I'm at it again, rearranging the layout of the blog. I've been gone a while but I'm determined to keep at this blogging thing 'till I get it right! It's been a busy couple of months and I'm excited about sharing it with you this fall and catching up on your activities.

New Posts will begin Monday September 30, 2013.  Looking forward to seeing you then!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you again. Sometimes I think about stopping my blog (morningprayerblog.blogspot.com), I'm down to once a week for the summer, and then I think how hard it would be to start again. So far it looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Barbara! It is hard to start again after a break but I'm looking forward to it. I've missed it! :)

    Even though I didn't post this summer, I continued to follow the blogs on my side bar. I looked forward eagerly to each one of your posts and folded in your prayers in my own morning prayer time. You have been a blessing. I vote that you continue! :)




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