Five Minute Friday: Choose

Ok, Lord, I get it.

It’s time to make a choice and I will. But  you know what Lord?  That choosing thing is easier said than done  and as far as I’m concerned, free will is highly overrated. 

You say in the word, “I set before you this day, life and death – choose life.” Ok, good point. But which one is life for me? Both situations work, the pros and cons of both are equals for the most part. So how do I choose when my heart  cries out for both? Which do I pick? Am I thinking too much, Lord? Maybe so. But you’re right. It’s past time to choose and I will.  Just tell me what the right answer is and I’ll choose it. 


Click on the picture to view my favorite movie scene about having too many choices. Robin Williams playing a Russian defector trying to buy coffee from Moscow on the Hudson.

Joining with the  Five Minute Friday community sponsored by Lisa-Jo Baker. On each Friday, Lisa-Jo posts a one word prompt and for five minutes we join together in an international community to write what the prompt brings to mind. No rewrite, no editing just letting the words flow from our hearts.

Today's prompt was choose. Come join us.
Lisa-Jo Baker
Five Minute Friday


  1. It is so hard to make that choice! Especially when both seem right. I hope you get an oppotunity to see clearly which to choose.... :)

    1. Too many choices, too little brain power. :) Thanks for coming by Jennifer.

      ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  2. I completely and fully understand! It is so hard sometimes to feel like we know what is life, what is His choice. I will be praying for you sweet sister!

    1. Thank you so much. I value the power of prayer.

      ~ Cassandra


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