Tea for One

Tea For One Set
Coffee or Tea? 

Milk, Sugar or Lemon?

My answer to these questions would largely depend on the day I’m having – or planning to have.  I’m staying home or if it’s going to be a quiet day, I tend to drink tea with sugar and lemon if I have it. If I’m gearing up for a full, busy day, I gravitate toward a rich decadent cup of Mocha to give me that extra jolt to start me off down the road but mostly, it's tea.

A few years ago I began collecting those adorable Tea for One sets. I love them because they are made up a little teapot which which sits on top of matching individual tea cup. Every time I found a cute or unusual one I’d buy it, day-dreaming my morning tea from my newest Tea for One. 

Except it never happened. 

One morning I went into the kitchen cabinet for my regular old microwaveable mug and had to reach past one of my Tea for Ones to get it. It struck me all of a sudden of how I had collected all of these wonderful little tea sets and had never used them. It started me thinking. How long had I been reaching past those Tea for Ones to a battered old mug and why? When I figured it out, I didn’t like the answer. 

To my way of thinking, I was saving them for a special occasion. I was saving them because the Tea for Ones were too pretty to be used just for any old day or any old body. I was saving them because I wasn’t special enough to use them use for me. 

Not anymore, I decided.

Needless to say, the microwavable mug was shoved to back of the kitchen cabinet and my favorite Tea for One took its place on a simple but pretty tea tray with one of my grandmother’s silver spoons and a lace embroidered napkin. It was the best cup of morning tea I had in a long time. 

Is there something that you’ve been setting aside for company, something only used for special occasions? Someone you’re saving for someone other than you? Go find that special thing. Unwrap it, polish it, dust it off. Make it ready for your use and then use it. Remember, no matter who else does or doesn’t celebrate you, don’t ever forget to celebrate yourself.  


  1. Yaaayyy!! Pull out those beautiful tea cups! I am a tea set/serving tray collector and have realized that the moment is in fact right now, I am the company that I am waiting for. Ha! I found you on Friendship Friday link up and love your blog. Hope to connect with you in the future!

    Christy @ awomantheworlddeserves.com

  2. I love treating myself to a beautiful tea setting. Sometimes it's exactly what I need to get back into the game of life. I would love to see some of your collection. Going to run over to your blog to check it out!

    Thanks for stopping by Christy!

    ~ Cassandra

  3. Girl after my own heart...what are we "saving" things for?


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