Sunday Community: Reminded

... Sometimes you need to be reminded ...


He whispers in my ear and tells me I AM fearless.
He shares melody and tells me to repeat it.
He makes me whole.
He reminds my soul...
I am all He says I am.
I am all He says I am.

I am all He says I am,
And He says I am His own.


             - All He Says I Am by Gateway Worship

Worshiping today with Barbie at The Weekend Brew.
Come Join Us.


  1. Beautiful! Sometimes I forgot who it is He says I am. Thanks for the reminder and for linking up at The Weekend Brew!

  2. hello again cassandra. i had my post up all day yesterday. it suddenly dawned on me this morning that i never linked it over here! duh! i forgot the rules for this page but i'll at least say hi to you:) so true! I am His own...what could be better?

  3. What a great reminder! The enemy always wants to try to tell us that we are less than God says we are. We must choose to believe what the WORD says about us. We are blessed, we are victorious, redeemed, healed and forgiven!


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