Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Joining with Five Minute Friday sponsored by Lisa-Jo Baker. On Friday, Lisa-Jo posts a one word prompt and for five minutes even we write what the prompt brings to mind. No rewrite, nor editing just letting the words flow. 

Today's prompt: Ordinary

Five Minute Friday
Why, when so many these days are striving to capture the unique, the outstanding, the striking, I long for the simple, the normal, the commonplace. I find I am much more content with the ordinary, the functional, the purposeful.  In such spaces I have found peace, quiet, very little traffic and an unexpected elegance. Gone is the time when I yearned for life’s corner office but now a quiet room in the back away from the noise is what I seek. And I am not at all convinced that it is a bad thing to wish for at all. 

Can you tell this is the weary posting of a woman who has had an out of the ordinary week? 
How do you find your way back after the extra-ordinary has been a bit too much? 


  1. I can so relate with your description of ordinary. How I long for the peace of ordinary also. Thanks for sharing. It really gives me something to think about because I feel like my life is anything but the ordinary that you described. Yet, I know, there is a season for everything.

    1. Right now I want ordinary so bad I could taste it. Been an interesting week and it's still not over. I have a good friend who speaks longingly of a cabin in the woods. I'm beginning to understand the drawing of of the weary soul to the rustic wilderness she speaks of. Looking forward to that happy restful season. :)

      Have a good weekend Kris and thanks for stopping by.

      ~ Cassandra

  2. I simply love the concept of 5 minute friday....and I'm right along with you...ordinary, simple is peaceful and beautiful!


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