Monday Meditations: What I Need

Starting today I'm adding a weekly post called 'Monday Meditations'. They are updated versions of the weekly inspirational newspaper column called 'The Wonderfully Made Woman' which I wrote for three years during the nineties when I lived  in Tulsa OK .  Just a little something to start off your week. I hope you enjoy them


I have a little wall plaque titled "What I Need" which I bought from a Christian Bookstore over thirty years. It hangs by my bedroom mirror where I can see it every morning. It is a picture of a young woman walking barefoot on a lonely stretch of beach with the following sentiment superimposed over it. It's a sweet little prayer and it never fails to bless me when I read it. I hope it does the same for you.

I need a Strength 
to keep me true
and straight 
in whatever I do.

I need a Power
to keep me strong
when I am tempted 
to do wrong.

I need a Grace 
to keep me pure
when passion 
tries it's deadly lure.

I need a Love
to keep me sweet
when hardness
and mistrust I meet.

I need an Arm 
to be my stay
when dark with trouble
grows the day.

Nothing on earth
can all this afford
but all is found in You
Jesus Christ, My Lord.
                                                     - Author Unknown

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