Home Again, Home Again.

‘To market to market to buy a fat pig.
Home Again, Home Again
My mom always repeated this little verse whenever we had been out and arrived back home.  I found myself repeating it quietly as the plane landed at DFW airport this last Tuesday. I had made it safely home from my month long vacation in Atlanta and although I didn’t buy a fat pig, I did bring home six extra pounds that I did not start out with. Do I care? Not one bit. My D.I.L. is a fantastic country cook and believe you me, I ate everything she cooked, sometimes multiple times. I wish I was at her table right now.

I’m always telling peopleGod knows what you need and it was very true in my case with this vacation. As I said before it was like a retreat but it very much embodied the principle of “Work and Pray” that I learned long ago.  D.I.L. runs a child care from the first floor of their home and on any weekday there were between 6 to 12 pre-school children in the house. I was firmly told that I was not expected to work in the daycare (she has 2 full time and 1 part time employees) and that I was there to rest. I appreciated that but after a few days, I offered to help with lunch time where extra pair of hands are always welcomed and that was all she wrote. I was hooked. I was in love with each and every one of the kiddies and there was no going back for me.  Yes, God knew what I needed and it was to be a mom again.

How can I explain of the peace and joy that settle over me with wiping runny noses, changing dirty bottoms, supervising playground activities and getting four bottle babies down for naps at the same time (yay me!).  Walking into a room full of toddlers and hearing a chorus of little voices yelling, “Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!” and having to give out hugs all around to settle the room back down soothed my empty nester soul beyond words. Being able to hold a fussy 10 month old in my arms and rock him to sleep healed my weary heart in ways I can’t begin to tell you.  God knew what I needed and what I needed was this wonderful retreat of ‘Work and Prayer” where He filled my empty arms with children and soothed my aching heart.

God also knew that it was going to be hard for me to say goodbye to all of the babies and He arranged a special surprise for me in those last moments. As I was giving kisses all round one of the ladies who worked there called out, “Antonio is walking!” Antonio was a precious 10 month old who was always laughing, always bouncing and good natured. All the while I was there he would walk along holding onto things not yet ready to let go and take steps on his own. I could hardly believe it! She brought him into the room where I was, I kneeled down and held out my arms. After a balancing moment and a big smile, Antonio let go of her hands and walked quickly across the room into my outstretched arms. I was ecstatic! Oh, I was so proud.  There was much laughing and clapping and he was clapping himself at him for doing this fantastic thing that everyone was so excited about.  I can still feel how it felt to hold him, smell the baby powder and feel the satin softness of his sweet little cheek against mine. I closed my eyes, held him tight, nuzzled his neck and with many laughing kisses, I let him go. 

God knew that I needed to leave with laughter and joy. Antonio’s baby steps were what I needed to be able to come home again, home again with a full heart. I thank God for the sweet babies and wriggling toddlers. I thank Him for the endless green Georgia pines and the cool restful temps. I thank Him for D.I.L’s welcoming warmth and great cooking and I thank him for Middle Son's quiet humor, generosity and strength. God knew what I needed, He gave it to me in abundance and I will forever Bless His Name for it.

Please share with us something God knew that you needed and gave it to you. 
Please also share what you are thanking God for today so we can rejoice with you.


  1. Cassandra, what an amazing time of refreshing for you. God does provide what we need, when we need it. Thank you for sharing this in the prairies this week.

  2. Hi Michelle, Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy Lost in the Prairies very much and I featured it in my Going Visiting post this last Friday. When I find a good thing I like to share it with others and you are a good thing! :)

    Have a great week!



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