Best. Mornings. Ever.

Early morning run with Dad to the Horrocks Farmers Market to pick up fresh fruits and veggies. Since I've been back home it's become routine for the two of us to head out every other week to do the grocery shopping. We're both early risers and morning people but he always wins at mornings because he's up at 5:30 am every morning. Every. Morning. I used to do that up-with-the-chickens thing but I grew out of it.

We never go in with a list, just picking up whatever looks good while we enjoy complimentary cups of coffee (or tea for me) as we shop. We take our time, chatting as we go and conversing with other early shoppers. One of them saw me taking a picture of Dad and offered to take one of us together.Yep, that's me, no make-up, no jewelry, hair half combed and eyes still puffy before the allergy meds kick in. I love mornings but nowadays it takes a bit of work before I look like I love mornings.

 In the basket this week we have peaches, pears, nectarines, bananas, sweet purple plums, fresh baked sourdough bread, yams and fingerling potatoes. We also have a box of giant gumdrops which I will do my best to hide from my baby brother before he comes home from work, and a Michigan State Spartan sweatshirt as a special treat. If I haven't mentioned it before, I love Michigan State University like I love no other place on earth. I grew up 'down the road' from that beautiful campus. Cherished memories of MSU are woven through my life like nothing else although I never attended there as a student. I had planned to, but instead I fell in love with and married a tall good-looking MSU medical student, had bunches of babies and...well, that's for another post but it's still at the top of my bucket list to take a degree from State.

Now that everything has been put away and I've taken this short break I'll be heading into the kitchen to begin rattling those pots and pans. Fresh fruits and veggies always put me in the mood to cook so I'm going to use it to my advantage and start preparing dinner early. It's still before noon so I  might even do a bit of cookie baking this afternoon as well. 

Happy Tuesday.


  1. So glad to hear from you and feeling your heart beating with lightness, healing, acceptance, joy.

    1. Hello Barbara! Love seeing your little dancing lady when I opened up today. I think about you a lot and pray everything is doing well for you. Thank you for the kind thoughts. Remember me in your morning prayers. :D

      Big Hugs,

      ~ Cassandra


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