Weekend Worship: As My Mother Did

Truly I am your servant, Lord; 
I serve you just as my mother did...
                                                                                                             - Psalm 116 vs 15 

~ ~ ~
Since I last posted I've been tending to my Mom who as you know has been suffering from dementia. This last Thursday evening we moved Mom from the hospital where she has been for the last three weeks to the nearby hospice facility where she is in the process of passing. She is sleeping, mostly and is at peace. Although it is a hard thing to know she'll be gone soon, I am at peace as well.  I know I'll be putting it all down on paper in the future but for now, I am holding these precious moments in my heart as Mary did. I wanted you all to know so you wouldn't worry about my absence.  The Lord is good and He is close.
My family and I appreciate all of your love and prayers.

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  1. I was wondering and am glad to hear from you. I'm glad you are at peace in this difficult time.


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