Five Minute Friday: Friend

Joining with the  Five Minute Friday community sponsored by Lisa-Jo Baker. Each Friday, Lisa-Jo posts a one word prompt and for five minutes we join together in an international community to write what the prompt brings to mind. No rewrite, no editing just letting the words flow from our hearts.

  Today's Prompt: Friend

Out in the back yard, a new young neighbor of my parents has brought his father to help saw up the tree which fell during the brutal Michigan ice storm a few months ago. He had introduced himself as I was walking in my parents’ backyard after coming from the hospital a few days ago from visiting my mom. He said he had seen my dad at times during the winter and knew he was older so he wanted to help him out by clearing away the ice storm debris. I told him about how things had been with my mom and how it would be welcomed and thanked him. When he went to borrow his dad’s power saw and told him why, his dad came with him.

One of the definitions of a friend is ‘person who gives assistance, aid and support’. Today, these two wonderful men who a week ago didn’t know me from Adam fit the definition of being friends to our family. God bless them.

Lisa-Jo Baker
Five Minute Friday

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  1. They truly are friends! And how wonderful that your family could be blessed by them! Returning your visit ... from FMF! :)


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