Prayer and Thanksgiving

Last Sunday my good friend Ruth picked me up from church, took me to her home, made me  dinner. She pampered me, sat with me and soothed me. I can't begin to tell you how much I needed it because I was so ill with an inner ear infection that I shouldn’t have been at church in the first place.She blessed me, prayed with me and gave me the strength I needed to go on. I thought about her when I came across this quote while rummaging around the blogosphere this morning...

You pray in your distress and in your need; 
would that you might pray also 
in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance."
                                          ~Kahlil Gibran  

The poet is correct. We should also pray in the fullness of our joy as well as our distress so today I am praying in the fullness of  joy. I am posting this little morning prayer following the example of the awesome Barbara Swartz who writes at ‘Morning Prayer’.

Almighty and Merciful God, I thank you for bringing me to the ending of this time of sickness. It’s been hard to bear at times but you placed around me those who have cared for me and shown me Your love in action. For my dear sister Ruth who took me into her home and ministered to me so sweetly, I praise you and am truly grateful. Amen.

Check out Barbara at the link above. You will be encouraged and inspired. And let us know what you are praying about from your distress, your need, your joy or your abundance so we can join our prayers to yours. I am a witness that prayer does change things.


  1. Thanks Cassandra!!! Hope your ear is better. This month I'm participating in Creative Every Day so Monday it's more like a prayer and the other days it's sharing what I've created that day. Or thought about. Since I started writing Morning Prayer, I believe I have acquired some prayer muscle! I know you know about prayer muscle! You've definitely got it.

    1. I came out of an ear infection into a cold! I can't win for losing! :) I love your posts on bring creative aspects into our daily lives. When I do that it brings such joy into my day. I appreciate the reminder.

      Have a good week my dear!

      ~ Cassandra


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