Weekend Worship: Live Freely

"Keep company with me and   
you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”
~ Matthew 11:30 (MSG)

Come Join Us.


  1. I love that passage in the Message! I'm next to you at Still Saturday this week.

  2. hi cassandra:) i love the photo! reminds me of the beach. (i grew up in south FL!)

  3. whoops! no place like the beach for feeling light and carefree:) i love your flower graphic. is it a geranium? don't know, but it is pretty:) so nice to meet you. i'm your neighbor at lisha's.

  4. Love that passage. It is so true, my friend. xo Laura

  5. One of my forever goals is to live with Him, b/c it's "freely and lightly"... even here that's all I can rely on and count on. Thanks.

  6. The more time I spend with Him, the more I become like Him. Have a blessed week!


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