Five Minute Friday: Willing

Joining with the  Five Minute Friday community sponsored by Lisa-Jo Baker. Each Friday, Lisa-Jo posts a one word prompt and for five minutes we join together in an international community to write what the prompt brings to mind. No rewrite, no editing just letting the words flow from our hearts.

Lisa-Jo Baker
Five Minute Friday

Today's prompt is willing

The meaning of willing is basically positive:

  • ready, eager, or prepared to do something
  • cheerfully consenting 
  • eagerly compliant

so it was interesting that my first thought from the prompt was in the negative, about what I was not willing to do. I am not willing to settle. To settle for me means to fall short of the desire or goal willingly. It’s one thing to fall short after the good old college try, but to fall short on purpose and be ok with it? Nope. I am not ready, eager or cheerfully consenting to do that at all.

From the moment I realized I was able to make my own choices and chart my own life’s direction, I knew I wanted to live life to the fullest. My one overriding fear
is I would stand at the end of my life, look back and say, “I will I had…”  - fill in the blank. That would break my heart completely. I never want to have backed off of something I really wanted to do because of fear or peer pressure. I am absolutely not willing to do that.

So I am willing to travel the road not taken, I am willing to stand on the crumbling edge of the cliff and look over and I am willing to go where no man has gone before. I am willing to face the fact that if I turn over a rock in the garden, underneath there may be squiggly, squeamy (yes,it’s a word), squishy things I might not want to touch because at least, then I’ll know. I am willing to take the chance that beyond here, there may be dragons* because sometimes, the dragons are golden and that would be a glorious thing to see. 

But being willing to settle for just anything in my life...absolutely not.

I am definitely not willing to do that.

*Beyond here there be dragons is the warning the ancient mapmakers would put on their maps to warn ships that they were about to enter into uncharted waters and unknown and dangerous territory.

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  1. this is a great post! Never be willing to settle. But always be willing to try the new. (and I am with you on the squiggly worms. HA HA!!) Thanks for writing!
    - Jen, your FMF neighbor


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