My Best Thanksgiving - Nov. 24, 1977

It was Thanksgiving Day and also my parents wedding anniversary.  I had proudly as a young wife planned to host the family for Thanksgiving dinner in our tiny off campus apartment as part of the combined Thanksgiving / Anniversary dinner.  As it turned out, it was also the day after the worst snowstorm in mid Michigan that year and also the day after my young med student husband had to take his anatomy and physiology exam after having stayed up all night with a laboring wife. (He swears he doesn't remember taking that test but he did get an 'A' on it.) Needless to say, there was no turkey, no dressing, no pies and cakes on that Thanksgiving in 1977.  But there was the arrival of this dear sweet boy who became the first of three overwhelming loves of my life.

 November 24, 1977 at 11:09 pm I was delivered of my first child, a son, Reggie II.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. You were my Best Thanksgiving Ever.


  1. Oh so precious! This is a wonderful picture, you have a lot to be thankful for. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog!
    I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  2. Dear Cassandra,

    I work in a newborn nursery. Precious babies surround me every day, but there is none so precious as your own. God bless Reggie II.

    I came here from Ann's. You posted right before me today over there. It's good to be in the company of thankful women.

    Glory to His name,

  3. I am visiting from Ann's blog today. Happy Birthday to your special one...a true thanksgiving blessing.

  4. That's the best thanksgiving present if you ask me!!!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by. It was the best Thanksgiving present ever. That adorable precious little boy now stands 6'4" and has little boys (and girls) of his own. He and his brothers are the loves of my life. They are truly blessings from God.


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